• CFD61-405 Container and Truck Inspection Scanner
CFD61-405 Container and Truck Inspection Scanner

CFD61-405 Container and Truck Inspection Scanner

CFD61-405 is an intensive quality multi-functional container inspection scanner designed and manufactured by Fnanshi. It provides customized features that meeting various customer demands.

Container and Truck Inspection Scanner


Completely Independent Intellectual Property Rights;

Advanced Image Processing Technology;

Stable and Reliable Hardware and Software Platforms;

To provide users with superior quality products and personalized product customization;



CFD61-405 Container/Truck Inspection System is a new and multi-functional security inspection scanner with high quality developed and designed independently and manufactured by FUANSHI. Especially its accelerators, detector systems, image algorithms up to the world-leading level. The system is specialized in the inspection of containers, trucks, vans and other vehicles. Particularly applied to the safety inspection of freight yard, border, port and special places. The function of software is powerful and clear imaging technology to help the inspectors to quickly discover all kinds of prohibited items hidden in containers or vehicles when the vehicle normally passes, not opening.


System Predominance 

1. Multi-row array detectors with high detection speed, high image quality and resistance to harsh environment; 

2.Dual-energy imaging material recognition technology can be distinguished organic and inorganic with different colors; 

3.Using high speed data acquisition of ultra large scale integrated circuit, optical fiber as transmission medium, and the powerful image processing and data transfer capabilities, which can effectively improve the accuracy of inspection and system reliability; 

4.Automatic driver avoidance technology, which can achieve fast drive-through inspection without the driver leaving the truck; 

5.Optional free combination features: license plate recognition, container RFID tag identification, radioactive material detection, etc.; 

6.To achieve full network of data transmission and storage platform to ensure the efficiency of the pass detection; 

7.Simple interface of system data and function service, fit easily with other services for data exchange, system integration and docking.