• Portable walk-through metal detector.Model: 600
Portable walk-through metal detector.Model: 600

Portable walk-through metal detector.Model: 600

Portable walk-through metal detector.Model: 600

This kind of security gate that we produce has independent intellectual property rights, Chinese invention patents, American invention patents, international PCT invention patents, breaking through the path of Europe and the United States in the field of metal detection technology,ahead of the super anti-interference invention technology in theworld.The full range of products suitable for installation in all security inspection occasions.No interference from the environment, it can work closely with large metal objects such as security machines. The company's products have been exported to more than 150 countries for many years, and it has won many bids for international events. (2008 Olympic Torch Relay, 2009 South African World FederationCup and 2010 South Africa World Cup, 2014 Brazil World Cup, 2016 Brazil Olympics, 2017 South Korea U20 World Cup, 2018 Russia World Cup)


1. Easy to install, portable, achieve the assembly and disassembly in 5 minutes.

2. After installation, Unicom automatically recognizes three independent detection areas.(optional in 6 areas)

3.The six sensing areas can be assembled arbitrarily and interchangeably.

4. The security gate is made of ABS, polycarbonate alloy materials and other materials with strong impact resistance.

5. Built-in bright area LED display, very clear at a glance.

6. Adopt electronic frequency chip to realize multiple side by side without mutual interference.

7. Close to the security inspection machine and other large metal objects as usual detection, the sensitivity remains unchanged, without interference.

8. Automatic detection and automatic environmental calibration at startup.

9. Automatically count the number of passers and alarm times.

10. On the front of the main unit, there are highlighted pass and alarm LED indication icons.

11. There is one built-in dual battery on each side, the battery can last for more than 24 hours.

12. LCD display adjustment parameters, sensitivity adjustable of 300 levels.

13. No damage to the heart pacemaker, hearing aids, pregnant women, CDs and so on.

14. Product performance conforms to CE, ROHS, FCC and "GB15210-2003 pass-through metal detection security door general technical specifications".

15. The product has a test report from the security product testing agency of the Ministry of Public Security.

16. This product has PCT international patent and national invention patent certificate.

Environmental design parameters:

Temperature: -20℃ to +70℃ (-4℉ to +158℉) 

Relative humidity: 95%

UV protection folding size: L950XW600XH620mm

Channel size: L810XW790XH2120mm

Dimensions: L810XW1180XH2240mm

Packing size: L1065xW675xH705mm

Net weight: 35kg 

Gross weight: 56kg

Standard configuration: Battery 12V ( working continuously for 20 hours)