• Infrared Forehead Thermometer
  • Infrared Forehead Thermometer
  • Infrared Forehead Thermometer
Infrared Forehead ThermometerInfrared Forehead ThermometerInfrared Forehead Thermometer

Infrared Forehead Thermometer

Forehead Infrared Thermometer for Kids & Adults 1 Second Accurate Instant Reading Forehead Thermometer with LCD Display, High Temperature Alarm Non-Contact


【Accurate And Reliable】Our forehead thermometer is equipped with the most advanced medical infrared technology and high precision sensor for getting reliable and accurate readings within 1 s. We use professional medical ABS materials, safer than the traditional mercury thermometer.

【High Quality & Non-Contact Thermometer】Thermometer is a non-contact infrared digital forehead thermometer that can prevent cross infection and provide protection for you and your family. The measurement range is 1-5cm. Compared with mercury thermometers that require skin contact, it has no risk of breaking glass or swallowing mercury, so is safe for children.

【No Contact Thermometer & Safe】: Infrared technology makes this thermometer handy to get instant results by simply pointing the laser at the area(forehead/oral cavity/armpit/ear/the surface temperature of various objects) you want to measure, with stable and reliable performance, no physical contact, prevents cross-infection between multiple people,more healthy and convenient.

【High Temperature Warning & Save Power】HI appears when body temperature is higher than 43°. LO appears when body temperature is lower than 34°. Powered by Two No.7 AA Batteries, Can measure more than 30000 times.

【Multifunction Thermometer】The Forehead Thermometer widely uses in family, school and even in public. It is suitable for infants, babies, adults, and elders. Applicable fo milk, bathwater, food temperature too.


Three-color Backlight Function

Red for a high-grade temperature (with a short alarm beep), orange for a slight fever (or medium temperature), and green for normal.

· Temperature Range: 89.6℉-109.2℉ (32℃-42.9℃)

· Human body measurement range: 89.6℉-109.2℉ (32℃-42.9℃)

· Object measurement range:32.0℉-212℉ (0℃-100℃)

· Measurement distance: 1.9 in-3.1 in (5 cm-8 cm)

· Accuracy:±0.2℃. 98% accuracy

· Reading scale: ℃ and ℉ switchable.

· Automatic data hold function and auto power off functions.

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Measurement Unit (℃/℉) Switch

Press "SET" botton for 2 seconds to enter function view, and then press "1" to switch to ℃, press "2" botton to switch to ℉.

Product description


1.Our thermometers are clinically tested,fast and reliable.

2.Ideal for front and ear readings with small errors.

Three-color backlight display:


Color: White and purple

Type: Handheld

Applicable object: human body thermometer/object thermometer

Measuring range

BODY: 32.0 ℃ ~42.9 ℃(89.6℉~109.2℉)

OBJECT: 0~50℃(32℉~122℉)

Fever reminder:Yes

Measurement accuracy: ± 0.2 ℃

Custom processing: No

Display mode: LCD

Meaure distance:3-5cm

Battery type:DC 3V 2* AAA batteries(not include)

Size:145* 85 *40mm