• FAS100A Handheld metal detector
FAS100A Handheld metal detector

FAS100A Handheld metal detector

FAS100A metal detector with high sensitivity helps you detect small metal targets before digging.

FAS100A Handheld metal detection postioning rod


This is a hand-held metal detection and potioning rod with unique design, simple operation, ergonomics, waterproof design, high sensitivity and 360-degree detection. Al of them are made of imported high-quality components. The appearance is light and beautiful, and the sound is crisp. Loud,this machine has a healthy power on and off, detecting alarm lights and lighting functions, especially suitable for beach, seabed or wild treasure hunting, which is extremely demanding in detecting environment and sensitvity, and can also be used in public places or factories. airport, public security,border defense, courts, prisons, stadiums, exhibition venues, entertainment venues, station terminals and other industries security inspection. precious metal manufacturing and processing enterprises such as:jewelry, electronics, hardware, automotive and other enterprises anti-theft inspection.


1、Detection area


3、Mode selection


5、battery cover

6、Alarm indicator


Operational method:

1.When installing the battery, pay attention to the positive and negative postion of the battery(size hole) .After installing the battery, press the power switch(2) to hear the three sounds of“di, di, di”, and the white LED lights up, indicating the power supply.It has been turned on.If the white LED is not lit, it means that the battery is not installed or the battery is not in good contact.For example, the intermittent sound and the white LED light continue to flash three times.Finally, the automatic shutdown means that the battery voltage is low and can no longer be used.The new battery should be replaced.

2.When the power is turned on and the startup sound stops, the detector starts to work.Hold the handle and use the tip of the probe to detect the object.When the metal is detected, the detector will emit a continuous radar alarm and the red LED wil flash.When the probe stops, the alarm stops and the red LED goes out.When the battery is running for along time, the battery power is reduced, and the white LED flashes, and the alarm tone prompts you to replace the battery

3.Sensitivity adjustment:If you need to elminate obcts with small volume in the metal you can press and hold(3) and press 2  once, and adjust the sensitivity by four levels.The first sound is the fst level the lowest sensitivity, the"di,di"is the second level, the"di, di, di" 3 sounds are the level 3, and then press the"di" long sound for the highest sensitivity.This unit has a memory function, and it automatically remembers the state before the last shutdown when it is turned on next tie after selection.


Alarm mode selection:In the standby state, press(3) to cycle through the “sound", “vibration", “sound+vibration”alarm modes.And the selected state will automatically remember the state before the last shutdown when it is turned on next time.

Battery management system:The system continuously detects sound and light prompts such as power supply, battery failure, and insufficient voltage.When the battery voltage is lower than 7V, the machine alarm wil promptly shut down after three sounds.When the machine does not detect metal objects within 5  minutes in the standby state, the machine will emit an alarm sound for 1  minute, and then automatically shut down.

Alarm system:It adopts the most suitable sense of hearing difference between human ears, and wil generate different radar alarm sounds according to the sizeof the metal.The biggest feature is that when metal is detected, the alarm sounds constantly and it locks its exact position.

Detection distance:The detection distance of a single coin can reach 6-7CM at any angle.The smallest metal object such as a large needle and a ballpoint pen tip can be detected, and seawater, high-concentration salt water, forceful shooting, smashing and other actions will not cause false alarms.

Product parameters:

Working environment:-5-45C

Working frequency:65KHZ

Working current:less than 100MA


Net weight:155g(with battery)

Power:9 volt square battery(6F22ND)


1.Do not remove the battery for along time.

2.When the probe detects the metal object, the sound continues, and the sound is stopped only when the metal object is removed.

3.There charge a be battery can be charged us ig the dock charger.