• FAS906 Anti-spy Detector, Hidden Camera Detector Wireless Bug Laser Lens GPS Signal Tracker RF Signal Detector
FAS906 Anti-spy Detector, Hidden Camera Detector Wireless Bug Laser Lens GPS Signal Tracker RF Signal Detector

FAS906 Anti-spy Detector, Hidden Camera Detector Wireless Bug Laser Lens GPS Signal Tracker RF Signal Detector

Anti Spy RF Detector Wireless Bug Detector Signal for Hidden Camera Laser Lens GSM Listening Device Finder Radar Radio Scanner Wireless Signal Alarm

Nonlinear Junction Detector FAS906(801)


1. Nonlinear junction detector host

2. Headphone

3. Backup  battery

4.AC-DC adapter (with type-c cable)

5. Charger

6. Electronic sample


Product Characteristics

Domestic substitution: completely independent of intellectual property rights, not limited by foreign technology import, can quickly customize features and optimize algorithms, with great security guarantee

Strong semiconductor detect ability: support the second and third harmonic signal strength detection, and can quickly and effectively identify devices and devices containing semiconductors.

High sensitivity:Built-in high-gain antenna, large detection distance, especially for SIM card devices with high sensitivity, to ensure that secrets, mobile communications equipment can be quickly detected

Low false alarm rate:The built-in nondestructive detection algorithm greatly improves the detection ability, and the false alarm rate is very low.

Safety and reliability:The characteristics of the equipment meet the requirements of electromagnetic radiation and are absolutely safe for human body.

Flexible operation:The interface is simple and intuitive, with few buttons and easy manual operation.

Human-computer interaction interface is friendly:Support visual graphical interface, vivid display of power emission level and second and third harmonic graphics, easy to operate

High cost performance:the most cost-effective, cost saving and excellent performance in the world.

 I. schematic diagram of product structure


1. Antenna: Transmitting and receiving radio signals.

2. Searchlight:  Helping operator to detect objects in dark area.

3. Head-end display: Displaying Tx power, 2nd harmonic signal, 3rd harmonic signal, detect result, IR imaging in real time

4. Extension rod: Maximum extension rod length is up to 1.45 meter.

5. Horn speaker: Supporting sound warning.;

6. Central control panel screen: Displaying control menu.

7. Switch: Control the device to switch on and off,press and hold the device for 3 seconds

8. Type-c interface: Charging by AC-DC adapter.

9. Headphone jack: Supporting 3.5mm headphone.

10.  Charging indicator light: The light shows red color when it is charging; the light turns to green after the battery is fully charged. The light will flick in red and green color if there is no battery in compartment when charging.

11. Battery compartment: Use to install battery.


II. Usage scenarios of Nonlinear Junction Detector

1. Government SecrecyDepartment

State government organs such as public security, justice, prisons, education, troops, large-scale central enterprises and secret-keeping units have very strict requirements on information security and leak prevention. Prior to the major meetings, the secret-keeping departments must conduct security tests on high-level conference rooms,head leader’smeeting offices, foreign guests; reception rooms and secret-keeping places, so as to prevent the hiding of illegal equipment such as eavesdropping and secret shooting from being inappropriate places.Findings eventually lead to the leakage of conference information, major confidential information and technology, and irreparable economic losses to the state and units.

2. Security Inspection of Large-scale Activities

In order to ensure the personal safety and information security of politicians, business leaders and participants, the organizing committee needs to appoint a professional security inspection team to conduct security inspection in all places ahead of time and strictly block them. Nonlinear Junction Detectors are used to detect eavesdroppers and secret photographsequipments, recording equipments, remote control explosive devicesand other illegalequipments  to ensure the safety of the activity site.

3. Confidentiality Inspection of Commercial Organizations

Large commercial organizations such as listed companies, multinational corporations, trade associations and so on, in order to ensure that business secrets are not leaked, need to carry out strict information security checks on internal high-level conference rooms, chairman’s offices and business negotiation venues, to prevent mobile phones, eavesdroppers and other SIM card devices from hiding in the wall or hard-to-find corners, and to ensure that important meetings and meetings are being held.Big business decision-making, business negotiation and other activities are not eavesdropped, not recorded, not monitored, to ensure the safety of business secrets information.

4. Cheating Prevention in Education IndustryExamination

In places such as college entrance examination, high school entrance examination, civil servant examination and college marking, non-linearjunctiondetectors can be used at the entrance of the examination room to prevent cheating devices from being brought into the examination room by hiding in the examinee’s ears, glasses or other parts of the body, so as to ensure the fairness and fairness of the open selection.

5. Privacy Protection Inspection of Personal Residence or Hotel Room

In order to ensure the safety of personal privacy, non-linearjunction detectors can be used to detect the security of the surrounding environment in private space such as personal residence, Hotel room, shopping mall changing room, toilet, entertainment places, to ensure that there are no hidden pinhole cameras, eavesdroppers, recording pens and other electronic devices to ensure the safety of personal