What is the correct way to operate the x-ray baggage scanner? 

What is the correct way to operate the <a href= target='_blank'>x-ray baggage scanner</a>

In our daily life, most people who buy simple or easy-to-operate items may not have the habit of reading the operating instructions in detail. They think that they can master all the functions of this item by exploring it by themselves. It's just a waste of time to ponder this in detail. In fact, this is not right, because even if we can do it, it is not necessarily the correct method of operation.

A long time misuse may cause damage to the parts in the operating machine and shorten the service life of the machine. Today, Fuanshi security system is right here to tell you about how to use the x-ray baggage scanner correctly? Let's go!

First of all, the amount of items placed on the conveyor belt should be appropriate. The x-ray baggage scanner is generally used in places with a lot of people, especially when there are a lot of people and baggage on holidays. This requires operators to do lots of work of dredging. Put all the baggage on the conveyor belt, which is very easy to cause blockage, and even damage the machine. Therefore, the working personnel must take the responsibility and stop it in time when the excess is found.

Secondly, the x-ray baggage scanner must be used indoors. This kind of machine needs to be energized, so the environment must be kept dry to avoid leakage or short circuit. At the same time, because it uses radiation to detect objects, it is not allowed to work outdoors.

Finally, be careful not let your body enter the conveyor channel. We must leave the luggage to be checked after putting it on the conveyor belt. Never let your body enter the channel, otherwise the x-ray baggage scanner will easily cause harm to you. As mentioned in the previous news, for the fear of losing things, the whole person follows the baggage through the conveyor belt. This kind of behavior should be completely eliminated.

Through the above points, everyone may have a certain understanding of how to use the x-ray baggage scanner correctly. Therefore, in our daily life, when you need to use the x-ray baggage scanner, you must follow the requirements in the manual. If you don’t understand the operation ways, or have any technology questions of the x-ray baggage scanner. You can directly consult us, Fuanshi security system will always be here to answer any questions for you. It is our honor and just for free!

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