Reflecting on Public Safety from the incident of “Assassination of Ren Dahua ”

x-ray baggage scanner working principle

Not long ago, when Ren Dahua, a famous Hong Kong actor, was participating in a commercial event in Zhongshan, Guangdong, he was suddenly assassinated by a man. According to witnesses, Ren Dahua dodged immediately but was still stabbed. Security personnel at the scene quickly captured the assassin. The editor has learned from many sources that Ren Dahua was taken to the hospital without life-threatening.

This incident really shocked people. Judging from the video at the time, the suspect came to the stage very calmly. During his assassination of Ren Dahua, the latter blocked and dodged a circle with his hands before the security responded and subdued the suspect.

Therefore, here are some questions: Where did the suspect's knife come from? Is there any security check for this commercial activity? Should there be security checks for events attended by celebrity public figures? How to prevent such incidents from happening? Fuanshi security system,a professional security equipment manufacturer with 15 years of experience in the security inspection industry, is here to tell you about how to prevent or reduce the damage from such incidents.

When holding large-scale commercial activities, you can use x-ray baggage scanners to carry out the security check of the parcels and luggage and you can also use walkthrough metal detectors to carry out the safety check of the human body. The solution of x-ray baggage scanners or the walkthrough metal detector is a very conventional inspection of security check.

When the package contains contraband, it can be seen at a glance through the security inspection machine. For check-in counters, the security inspection machine is sufficient to check any items in the package. For suspected packages, security personnel can directly open the packages for inspection within the scope permitted by the state.

With current technology, it is easy to detect prohibited items in packages or on human bodies. A combination of walkthrough metal detectors and hand-held metal detectors can be used to detect whether a person carries metal objects. 

Method of adoption is usually as follows: walkthrough metal detector + hand-held metal detector + x-ray baggage scanners +two security personnel.



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