Don't underestimate the protective shield—the curtain of x-ray baggage scanner

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Nowadays, whether we take the train, the subway or the car, all kinds of suitcases and small parcels, which we carry with must pass the x-ray baggage scanner. However, we often see some passengers eager to get their luggage back in a hurry to lift the curtain of the x-ray baggage scanner. Some passengers even stretch their heads into the x-ray baggage scanner. The baggage did not come out because the security inspectors were judging the bags in the x-ray baggage scanner or because the previous passenger brought illegal or restricted items and these items should be checked again.

Perhaps, many people don't know that the curtain of x-ray baggage scanner is a safety curtain, which can prevent X-ray leakage from the x-ray baggage scanner. When you open the lead curtain, you are exposed to radiation. Although this radiation dose has little effect, if this happens often, it will inevitably cause a great impact on the body. Therefore, will it be interfered by radiation when passing through the x-ray baggage scanner?

The x-ray baggage scanner mainly uses the conveyor belt to send the inspected items into the X-ray detection channel, which will obstruct the baggage detection sensor, and the detection signal will be sent to the control part of the system. An X-ray trigger signal is generated to trigger the X-ray source. And then, the X-ray beam passes through the object to be inspected on the conveyor belt, and the amount of X-ray is absorbed by the inspected object and hits the detector installed in the channel. Then the detector converts the X-rays into signals, and these signals are displayed on the display screen after being processed by the software.


In other words, no matter how many layers are wrapped in the suitcase, X-rays can penetrate it. Although the x-ray baggage scanner can detect dangerous goods, it does not harm the human body. Because X-rays only occur inside the x-ray baggage scanner, and the rays are emitted straight.

However, we should not let a small action endanger our health because of a small negligence. It is recommended that you wait for the luggage and parcels to be completely conveyed out of the lead curtain before reaching for them.



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